Use case of Datana company on the optimizing ferroalloys consumption was included in the list of applications, sent to ISO


31 use case was sent from Russia to ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Among them there is a case from the Datana company on optimizing ferroalloys consumption at the area of secondary steelmaking. The pilot project at the Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant was taken as the foundation for increasing the efficiency of the process at the area of secondary steelmaking based on the intelligent control system “Datana Smart”.

The point of the solution is to create and develop an optimization model that calculates the addition of alloys with the lowest total cost. The calculation is made in compliance with all technological conditions and physical-chemical parameters of the final product.

Technical Activities Committee No. 164 for the Standardization of Artificial Intelligence, which included the company “Datana”, was created in Russia in 2019 on the basis of the Russian Venture Company. The Committee forms the programs for the development of national standards in the field of AI (artificial intelligence), including technologies for processing big data and computer-aided learning.

A separate area of the Committee’s work is participation in the international standardization process on behalf of the Russian Federation. It includes consideration of issues regarding the application of international standards in the field of AI at the national level, participation in the work of the joint international Interoperability Technical Committee “Information Technologies”, as well as participation in the work of the subcommittee “Artificial Intelligence”.

The activity of Technical Activities Committee No. 164 is synchronized with the work of Artificial Intelligence Subcommittee No. 42, which has already developed 3 international standards. For purposes of Subcommittee No. 42, working group No. 4 “AI Use cases” was created, which collected 85 use case descriptions from ISO member countries (Japan, China, India, Germany, England, etc.) At the annual meeting of Subcommittee No. 42 in Tokyo, extra time was provided for the Russian delegation to make suggestions. Having reached the level of the International Organization for Standardization, they moved from local solutions to the level of the world standards foundation.

Vladimir Zakharov, Datana CEO, says: “Participation in the development of standards for artificial intelligence technologies allows initiating the adoption of important criteria in the field of quality of applied intelligent systems, contributes to the comparability of technologies and the creation of conditions for the active implementation of technologies in enterprises.”

Andrey Lobunov, Executive Secretary of the Technical Committee for Standardization “Artificial Intelligence”, says: “Let me thank you for participation in the process of collecting the materials. Together, we managed to make an important contribution to the work on standardization of artificial intelligence technologies in a very short time.”


4-7 July, the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM was held in Yekaterinburg


Datana implemented digital technologies for detecting slag in a steel stream at AEMZ


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