Digital transformation

Any enterprise should bring maximum profit with minimum loss.

  • Did you start to reflect whether it’s your situation?
  • Maybe you are not sure, that your processes, technologies or personnel qualification correspond with constantly changing market demands and structure?
  • Or you know that reaction time for the process events are so big, that you lose your profit?

Do not ignore

Enterprise digital transformation, since in this case reduction in profits compared to competitors will be 24% annualy.*


of profit annually

* according to the results of the research carried out by Capgemini Consulting and MIT Sloan School of Management. See more... See more...

How are we different

  1. Specialists from the real economy
  2. No extra charge for the brand
  3. Specific solutions
  1. No real experience in production
  2. Extra charge for the brand
  3. A lot of milk-and-water

Responsible approach. Elaborate preparation and complete immersion into production process.

Implementation support

Moreover, we are ready to help with implementation and delivery of these proposals and with building innovations management structure at the enterprise.

Proposals assessment

Each proposal will be assessed in the terms of cost, implementation time, complexity. And most importantly, in the terms of the economic benefit over the time span!

Goal and targets

We help to form a list of proposals, implementation of which will help to reach required effect in a short time. Our experience allows to make this proposals as specific and detailed as possible.

Assessment principle

Our approach is to be focused on the main structural areas of any enterprise:

Physical and human resources
IT systems
Organizational structure
Organization culture
We will assess current condition of each area and propose an efficient plan on increasing of the digital maturity of each one of them in compliance with our goals and targets.

Stages of work


The analysis of current level of digitalization

  • Forming demand and data collection for assets and functional areas
  • The analysis of the personnel’s readiness to digitalization
  • The analysis of current condition and applicability of advanced experience
  • Discussion of prospects with the management of assets and functions
  • Preparing a report

Determining target digitalization level

  • Development of target view of digitalization
  • Conducting seminars on target view
  • Analysis of differences and similarities
  • Development of project initiatives
  • Consolidation of needs in IT development
  • Recommendations on changing operational model
  • Preparing a report

Development of the road map of Digital transformation

  • Forming portfolio of projects
  • Assessing the required resources
  • Preparation of business-cases and justification
  • Determining deadlines and persons responsible for implementation
  • Forming the tree of project KPI and actualization procedure
  • Preparing a report
  • Conducting a final meeting and coordination of results




Vladimir Zakharov
Chief Executive Officer
Vladimir Zakharov
Chief Executive Officer
Andrey Zakharov
Olga Vagner
Chief Solutions Officer
Ilya Sakharov
Chief Technical Officer
Vladimir Zakharov
Chief Executive Officer
Vladimir Zakharov
Chief Executive Officer
Ksenia Amosova
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of project office
Olga Kostyanaya
Head of marketing


PJSC NLMK expresses its gratitude to Datana for the high-quality implementation of the pilot project “Slag Detection at UNRS”, within the framework of which several methods of slag detection were tested and the most optimal one was selected. The Datana team has established itself as a reliable partner capable of performing complex tasks at a high level. We express our readiness for further cooperation and long-term partnership as part of the digitalization of NLMK's production processes.

Ashinsky Metallurgichesky Zavod expresses gratitude to Datana for the professional competence and achieved results within the scope of the pilot project on ferroalloys consumption reduction. Datana team has proved itself as trustworthy contractor, capable of performing complicated tasks at high level.