Open conference on Artificial Intelligence OpenTalks.AI will be hold on 20-21 of February


Conference consists out of 4 main sections:

·       Computer vision & image processing

·       NLP & speech recognition/synthesis

·       Predictive analytics & recommendation systems

·       Reinforcement learning & AGI

Each block consists of review reports and in-parallel sections on science, business and development, poster session with leading Russian experts. Speakers at the conference are stars of Russian and international AI: Ruslan Salahutdinov, Viktor Lempickiy, Dmitriy Vetrov, Sergey Nikolenko, Sergey Bartunov, Anton Konushin, Arkadiy Sandler, Andrey Ustyuzhanin, and also Datana company representatives Datana: Olga Vagner, Head of Analytics Department, and Matvey Flaks, leading data analyst.

On 19th of February Tutorials day will be held with educational lectures and workshops from the leading companies and specialists. Conference will be completed by the party with performance of the musical groups from AI industry.

Russian Venture Company is a media partner of the OpenTalks.AI. Among other partners of OpenTalks.AI there are leading Russian and international companies: Huawei, MTS, Samsung, Intel, Brand Analytics, Sberbank, Active Business Consulting, Zyfra, Datana.


4-7 July, the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM was held in Yekaterinburg


Datana implemented digital technologies for detecting slag in a steel stream at AEMZ


Leaders of Information Technologies for Industry