Intelligent control system

Provides recommendations regarding control of the process in the most efficient way. Increases equipment reliability.


  • Doesn’t require additional costs for the purchase of the third-party licensed software
  • Built on the open source code
  • Easily integrated into the existing IT-infrastructure of the plant
  • Rolled out quickly in accordance with your requirements
  • Has its own AWS interface or a possibility to output the results in your systems

What Datana Smart can offer

Increases the performance of the machines

Increases the product quality

Reduces cost for the material and energy sources

Decreases the unit cost

Operating procedure

Automated control system of technological process

Datana Smart

Receiving of the initial data

Data (readings) acquisition and processing online

Mathematic simulation

Machine model learning (ML) in combination with physical and chemical models builds a process of the work control of the machine

Recommendation feature

Recommendations on the process control

Working stations
Operator 1
Operator 2


Monitoring of ladle lining condition

Monitoring of ladle lining condition

Range of issues

Occurrence of emergency situations as consequence of the ladles burn-through.


Development and implementation of the technical solutions and mathematical model, which identifies in the data patterns that are distinctive for the pre-emergency state of the lining (thermal anomalies of emergency areas). It predicts the remaining lifetime (providing recommendations on the schedule for the withdrawal of steel ladles for maintenance)

  • Elimination of the unreasonable ladle decommissioning
  • Reduction of financial costs for the emergency situations elimination, which are connected with the destruction of the ladle lining
  • Reduction of metal loss

Optimization of the decarburization process at the vacuum degasser

Optimization of the decarburization process at the vacuum degasser

Range of issues

High content of the carbon in steel after finishing steel processing at the vacuum degasser. Significant influence of human factor on the decarburization process


Development and implementation of the solution with application of physical-chemical model of the decarburization process, which ensures providing recommendations in real time on the duration of the blowing of steel with oxygen in order to achieve required carbon amount and steel oxidation

  • Increased metal quality
  • Decreased duration of vacuum degassing treatment
  • Decreased oxidizers consumption

Ferroalloys consumption optimization

Ferroalloys consumption optimization

Range of issues

Increased costs for the steel production due to non-optimum ferroalloys consumption


Development and implementation of the solution with optimization model application, which calculates of the addition of the ferroalloys with minimum total cost, ensuring thereby the execution of production process and required physical and chemical parameters of the finished product.

  • Reduction of the ferroalloys consumption by 3-7%

Control of purging with argon

Control of purging with argon

Range of issues

Increased content of the non-metallic inclusions in steel. Strong influence of the human factor on the process of purging with argon


System assess steel stirring intensity in real time and condition of each purging devices (plugs) based on the vibration readings. In case of deviation from the norms it provides recommendation on increasing/decreasing the argon supply.

  • Increased steel quality
  • Increased yield

How do we work

Stage 1
Setting of the project target

Production audit, target definition, tasks setting

Stage 2
Data processing

Collection and analysis of the historical data

Stage 3
Project implementation

Models adjustment, interface adjustment

Stage 4

Tests, cost-benefit analysis

Stage 5
Custom programming

Additional functional capabilities

Stage 6
Switch to automatic mode

Integration with Automated System Control and controllers



Reducing the costs for the ferroalloys at the Ladle-Furnace

Providing online recommendations regarding process management to the operators.
Materials addition as per production costs criteria.

Has been implemented

Datana Smart


Reducing the costs for the ferroalloys at the Ladle-Furnace
Reducing the costs for the ferroalloys at the Ladle-Furnace


PJSC NLMK expresses its gratitude to Datana for the high-quality implementation of the pilot project “Slag Detection at UNRS”, within the framework of which several methods of slag detection were tested and the most optimal one was selected. The Datana team has established itself as a reliable partner capable of performing complex tasks at a high level. We express our readiness for further cooperation and long-term partnership as part of the digitalization of NLMK's production processes.

Ashinsky Metallurgichesky Zavod expresses gratitude to Datana for the professional competence and achieved results within the scope of the pilot project on ferroalloys consumption reduction. Datana team has proved itself as trustworthy contractor, capable of performing complicated tasks at high level.