Flow of work

Operational principles


Knowledge acquisition

The process of knowledge filling is carried out together by experts and knowledge engineers through the knowledge database building (“digitalization” of technology).


Control of the process execution

The knowledge database is an immediate reference tool that the operator reaches to during production. The system continuously analyzes the process. If the operating practice is violated, the system provides recommendations. This allow to improve process consistency and reduce costs.


Development of new technologies

For production development modules for simulation modelling, collection and analysis of statistics are introduced into the system. Based on the acquired data, experts can develop new technologies.

How do we work

Stage 1
Setting of the project target

Production audit, target definition, tasks setting

Stage 2
Data processing

Collection and analysis of the historical data

Stage 3
Project implementation

Models adjustment, interface adjustment

Stage 4

Tests, cost-benefit analysis

Stage 5
Custom programming

Additional functional capabilities

Stage 6
Switch to automatic mode

Integration with Automated System Control and controllers



Reducing the costs for the ferroalloys at the Ladle-Furnace

Providing online recommendations regarding process management to the operators.
Materials addition as per production costs criteria.

Has been implemented

Datana Smart


Reducing the costs for the ferroalloys at the Ladle-Furnace
Reducing the costs for the ferroalloys at the Ladle-Furnace


PJSC NLMK expresses its gratitude to Datana for the high-quality implementation of the pilot project “Slag Detection at UNRS”, within the framework of which several methods of slag detection were tested and the most optimal one was selected. The Datana team has established itself as a reliable partner capable of performing complex tasks at a high level. We express our readiness for further cooperation and long-term partnership as part of the digitalization of NLMK's production processes.

Ashinsky Metallurgichesky Zavod expresses gratitude to Datana for the professional competence and achieved results within the scope of the pilot project on ferroalloys consumption reduction. Datana team has proved itself as trustworthy contractor, capable of performing complicated tasks at high level.